FAQ – Contractors’ Q & A Guide to COVID-19

FAQ – Contractors’ Q & A Guide to COVID-19
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United Contractors – Construction Industry FAQ  Revised April 19, 2020

UCON is providing the following FAQ, which has been contributed to and reviewed by legal counsel, to address the most common and critical questions we are hearing from our members in this unprecedented time of crisis. Please note that this is general information and is not intended to address all situations or provide comprehensive legal guidance. Every business needs to examine its structure and processes, and if necessary, consult with legal counsel for advice on your specific situation.

The situation is rapidly changing – UCON will make every effort to update this information as quickly as possible. Governor Newsom issued a statewide Executive Order with slightly different provisions from the Shelter in Place orders. Additionally, more restrictive SIP Orders have been issued for some counties and cities. The Governor’s Office has issued conflicting information as to whether the Executive Order preempts the local SIP Orders; therefore, we recommend continuing to check with local authorities on projects/work that are not clearly exempt under the state order. Please continue to check back for updates to this document and refer to the revision date at the bottom… Read More




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